Who is Bud?

Budward Quinton “Bud” McKenzie III is a lifelong Minnesotan who is sick and tired of all the graft and corruption in politics. Born into poverty at the bottom of the Minnesota River, Bud crawled out of his maturation sack and emerged onto the surface world on December 19, 1969. He is the proud owner and operator of The Husky Husky, an extremely successful mail order catalog store for barrel-chested dogs. His first and only vote was for Michael Dukakis, and he has voted in every election since 1998. Now that’s what we call civic engagement.

Bud’s Family

As a recent widower, he has become completely untethered from all responsibility and reason, and has therefore decided to run for office in the Great State of Minnesota and put his great ideas to work for YOU!

His only adult child has not spoken to Bud in 12 years, but last he checked, she was doing very well in middle school band, as is perhaps attending a elite conservatory or learning under a master plumber or something. He would like to thank his nephew, who has been very graciously helping him run his campaign and put together his website, even though he has more important things to do than to help an old coot figure out how to use the internet.


This website is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by Bud for Minnesota, a real committee formed to support a fictitious candidate running for non-office. It is not coordinated with or approved by any actual candidate, nor is any actual candidate responsible for it. We are at www.bud4mn.net and can be reached at bud@bud4mn.net.